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Landed.... arrivée

Et voilà, je suis bel et bien arrivée...

After 21 hours in a plane, plus several hours in transit in airports, I made it to Kuala Lumpur last night.

When I say last night, I am not sure what I mean... it was last night for me... early afternoon for my felllow montrealers...

All my flights were in time, and uneventfull.... I could not have asked for better...

I even found my suitcase where it was supposed to be in Kuala Lumpur (I was ready for anything).

It all started with me leaving Montreal at 7:55 am.

The 5 hours flight took me to Vancouver, where my second flight was awaiting to take me to HongKong:


13 hours later I landed in HongKong, just in time to see this:


I wish I had time to spend in the city, but this is going to be for another trip. I will have to come back.

I had to have a Starbucks Chai latte (and there was no surprise that it tasted the same as the one at home). It always feels like a paradox to me to find the same thing as I have home accross the world. A mixed feel of good and odd.


but then I was ready for my next flight, the one taking me to my destination, at least for a couple of days, because Sunday I will take another plane yet:


The patterns of the city as we were slowly starting our descent towards Kuala Lumpur reminded me of Itineraries, and it inspired me to work on some more. I love how travelling and being disconnected from the everday life can often lead to inspiration and new creative avenues.


By the time I got to my hotel and relaxed, it was 2 am local time....

I crashed... and woke up to this:


oh and French butter (we don't even have this one in Quebec!!) for breakfast:


It looks like a great adventure is ahead of me.

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