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End of the Year! 4e edition Femmes en Affaires

What a way to end the year! I know I haven't been writing lately, but I have escuses! Yes I do!

During the month of November and December I was busy with my Art class at the museum. This was a wonderful class to teach, with a fantastic group.

I also spent a lot of my time working as much as possible at the studio, on a special piece that I wanted to be finished by now (more about this later).

I also worked on different dossiers I wanted to send. And I have to say, 2015 is a busy year for exhibitions, it starts intensively!

But above all, there was Jeudi D'Apollo, on December 18th, at the Theatre Rialto here in Montreal, were I received an award for my achievements as an artist! It was an amazing event.

Thanks to Apollo, to the team who organized the event, and to all the people who came!

On that occasion there was a draw to win a print of my latest artwork, Plis & Formes XV.

This was a really wonderful way to end the year.

Now I am ready for some down time... relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family... and of course, spending some time at the studio also.


photos by H. McDonald

And myself

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