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Contemporary Artist Françoise Issaly to be Featured in Shanghai's "Rebuilding the Landscape"

International Eco-Art Season & Document Exhibition

The sustainable art will incorporate reclaimed materials that honor the landscape of the region

By: Françoise Issaly

Copyright Françoise Issaly

Oct. 17, 2023 - PRLog -- International contemporary artist Françoise Issaly, known for her abstract works and rare approach to traditional "series" and "collections", will be one of 20+ Chinese and foreign artists that will bring to life a shared vision for a more sustainable and ecologically forward community for the future of mankind. The show's theme of "Rebuilding Landscapes" will come alive at the International Eco-Art Season and Document Exhibition, in Shanghai's foreign cultural exchanges Channing District. The area is home to one-third of Shanghai's foreign consulates and half of its diplomats' residences. On the backdrop of the global diversity, the exhibit will bring together the shared mutual attraction and importance nature within all cultures. Artistic pieces to be exhibited will incorporate water, green elements, reclaimed materials, and the raw landscape to create a "world living room" to view the beauty of the natural earth. "This concept is very near and dear to my heart," said Françoise Issaly. "My own experiences traveling and living in Asia, Europe and North America have long inspired my work – melding with my childhood growing up in France, as inspiration. As I roamed through different streets, I built an appreciation for the unique beauty of each region and brought artifacts I came across into the pieces that will be on display in the show. I'm excited to have my work be part of a message that urges viewers to maintain the harmony of the planet we inhabit and take a more sustainable approach not only in art, but in every walk of life." The event will be hosted by the Changning District Culture and Tourism Bureau, with the main exhibition area for the pieces set for the third floor of Changning District Library. Attending guests will be able to take in video works, installations, public ecological and sustainability focused discussion, as well as live street performances. Academics, sociologists and environmental protective societies are slated to participate in the event, with the opening ceremony taking place on October 18, 2023. Last month, Françoise's work capturing culture in abstract form were featured in a group exhibit in Quebec, Canada and a solo show in Hangzhou, China that introduced her first digital photography pieces. ABOUT FRANÇOISE ISSALY Françoise Issaly is an international contemporary artist. Now known for her distinguished style and methodical approach to creation and series - her pieces have been displayed in numerous exhibits across the globe. To learn more about Françoise Issaly and experience her art, please visit her website: Contact DZ&B media.


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