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Fall 2014 / Automne 2014

Funny how this year, 2014, is such a busy year.

I have started by going on my first ever artist residency in January at the Vermont Studio Center in Vermont, USA, then I came back to a trio show at Zephyr, followed by a huge solo show at Arts Sutton.

This summer I have some work in 2 group shows, and I've the chance to teach several paintings classes, meeting new and very interesting students.

And today, as I am preparing myself to go on vacation (yes, I do), I cannot help but reflect on what is to come this fall.

Beyond the fact that I am going to be teaching some classes during August (intro to watercolor and contemporary and experimental drawing), I will install a solo exhibit at LAOUN on Sherbrooke street in Montreal, then, just after that I will be leaving to attend the Langkawi Art Biennial in Malaysia (Thanks to Colart and Liquitex who are sponsoring my trip). I will spend 10 days there, meeting artists and painting live. I will also be exhibiting some works that have been sent there earlier this year.

This is definitely a rich and busy year.

I have more plans for 2015.... but lets work one year at the time.

Happy summer to all of you.


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