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A new week... a new season

I am at the point now where I am counting the days before I will fly to the Langkawi Art Biennial 2014 that I was invited to attend. Only 17 days left... and so much to do....

I am trying to focus on the present and what needs to be done here in Montreal before that day.

The last 4 days have been super busy, driving around to do seminars about Liquitex Acrylic paint (Sherbrooke, Victoriaville, Montreal, Laval....) and this week I need to focus on packaging this artwork that was just sold on Saatchi, Structure - Experimentation XY a couple of days ago and that will fly to Europe. It is always exciting to sell an artwork, know that it has found a home, and I take real good care of the packaging when shipping art (it takes HOURS!).

Oh and in a week from now I will be installating my show at George Laoun on Sherbrooke Street, here, in Montréal. I will keep you posted about how it goes, and will share photos too.

Last week I had started a new work... it is still in progress... and I am quite sure it is full of surprises...

here is one of the last shot I took before hitting the road last week.


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