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With the continuous advancement of the urbanization process, the relationship between people and the city has become closer. Urban planning, construction, and even the development of culture and art are indispensable parts of people's promotion of the urbanization process, and they also change with the development of the city. Interpreting the history of the city from an artistic perspective alone can clearly see the efforts and attempts made by art workers in this era to develop the city and make it beautiful. Public art is a very representative humanistic scene in the urban landscape. It represents Some characteristics of the spirit of the times.

"Contemplation" - an exhibition of contemporary art works, invisibly brings people and the art works displayed in the space together. It presents a new scene and achieves a certain natural fit. Expanding around the urban landscape, it is an art that matches human beings with nature, city, and space. It is worth mentioning that in addition to achieving the necessary artistic appreciation effects in their artistic means, creators also need to integrate the humanities in the urban space. Temperature is injected into the creation considerations of the work, and human interaction and corresponding spiritual thinking constitute the linking meaning of "contemplation".

Against the background of the mountains surrounding the Huzhou Art Museum, outdoor space installations add a new atmosphere to it, providing a high-quality artistic atmosphere for the prosperity and development of the city, and creating a new landmark for artistic exchanges for the urban crowd. It is bound to be popular among contemporary people. The fun of check-in life leaves behind a cultural resort full of thoughts. The artist hopes that the work will approach people in an interactive form and form an artistic and cultural trend, while improving aesthetic accomplishment and exporting the spirit of the times!

Look Within 2024 Contemporary Trendy Art Works Exhibition will be on display at the "Huzhou Art Museum "

from March 14, 2024 to June 10, 2024 , so stay tuned !


Cui    Duo

Chai Wentao 

Cui Tong 

Chen Jiawei

Dong Jinjin 

Ge Ziyu 

flower green 

He Yu

Ji Ping

Jing Wenli

Guo Mingxuan 

Ma Lei  

Li Xiang

Li Erkang  

Li Linxiang 

Li Zengguo 

Li Weixiong

Li Zhimi  

Liu Jiaojiao 

Liu Weichao

  Liu Hui  

Liao Yingxi  

Ma Lihua

Nick Ervinck 

Mi Xiaoxi

Peter Lindenberg 

Francoise issaly

Shen Jingdong

Handsome eagle  

Wan Qiong

Wang Dazhi

Wang Qin 

Wang Keyao

Xiaorang  ​ 

Xu Fei

Xu Zhaobing

Xu Liang

Xiao Lu 

Yao Ruijiang

Solve YUNG

Zhang Ning

Zhang Yanni

Zhao Bei

Zheng Shengcheng 

 Zhou Yang 





Chai Wenbo Wang Rui 


Huzhou Art Museum 

sea ​​ink painting





Exhibition period 



Huzhou Art Museum,  No. 2588, Longwangshan Road, Qingyin Scenic Area, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province


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