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Painting again

If I tell you that these past two weeks have been crazy!?

Will you believe me?

It seems that I can't stop running....

Classes (great new group at the Museum....), demos (so much fun to talk about WN watercolors), and suddenly I receive an email and guess what!? I am nominated for the Apollo Women Award 2014!! Wow!!! What an amazing surprise! I was not expecting this at all!!

I am blown away people!!!

So Monday we do the photo shoot (Yeah, a real one!!! ôô), and the event is on December 18th..... more info to come!!! Stay tune! I will send the invitations. Please add your email to my mailing list so I can send you an invite.

Wanna know more, check that out: Apollo TV

In the meantime, I started working on several new paintings, including the one I had started working on in Langkawi... More to come about this later.

ISSALY copy.jpg

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