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In life we make decisions, and these decisions trigger changes. I am the type of person who is looking for changes. Changes, for me, create movement, it stirs the whole energy of the universe and I am always curious about what it will bring, and how it will surprise me. But I am also a person of habits, and these changes, I fear. I create movement, then I fear what the storm will bring. I now know that about myself. In the end, changes and movement are more important to me than the stagnation of habits.

Why am I talking about this today? I wish to talk about this today because I decided to change city, change school, change studio... and of course this comes with some resistance from my part. But I am still walking the path.. still, looking forward, trying to focus on what is ahead... the unknown.

I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine, many years ago about when we feel that we have lost our path, and when we don't see the road under out steps anymore. The path is invisible, we don't see anything in front of us, but we know that, at some point, we had a vision, we knew what we were doing, we simply forgot about it. So we walk while holding onto a memory of something that never existed... to our "pre-vision" ... that intuition that we once had.

Being an artist is a lot about this... about being blind, but not giving up... not knowing what will be created next, or if it will ever become... if the "inspiration" will come or not... but, sticking to the path... weither we are lost, afraid, in the dark or not... just holding onto the certainty that at one point we knew it was the right thing to do.

- Francoise


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