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New Athena Series

For the past months I have started working on a New Series of works. For those of you who are new to my work, I should explain that I do work in series. Each series is triggered by patterns that I am visually interested in. I will combine these patterns to create a body of work. I work on each series for several years, until I feel I reached the end of that particular research.

Some patterns are purely visual interest, and some other are linked to my personal story, with ramifications to my past and my quest of identity. This new series, named "The Athena Series", is all about vulnerability and the protective layers we build around ourselves (physically or metaphorically) to protect ourselves from hurt.

In this series, I work with lines and transparent layers, as a way to express the idea of fragility and vulnerability.

These new pieces are small but I intend to work on larger pieces later. Since I am in Shanghai, I am in lockdown like everyone else and cannot access my studio, so I am focusing on using the material I am home; paper and watercolours.

Sometimes difficult times takes us away from our original idea, but it can also be for the best. Isolation and slow pace can be an opportunity to meditate on aspect of our project we did not have time to think about during the flow of everyday life. This is how I see this lockdown.

Many projects are in standby right now (including my solo show at Galerie Holarte where I will show a lot of my newest works), but I am convinced that in the end it will be for the best.

I wish courage and peace of mind to all of us who are affected by this situation.

If you are interested in my work, you can contact me


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