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XT PUB exhibition and special Cocktail

Since December 2019, EFC in Yuhang, has a new PUB where locals can come and enjoy delicate cocktails, beers,  a pool table and a wonderful atmosphere: The XT Pub.Franco-Canadian artist Francoise Issaly is exhibiting a series of her recently created artworks (paintings and drawings) on the walls of the pub.Cocktail master, Chenyang ,  created a unique new cocktail named after the artist. The “Francoise cocktail”; this drink celebrates all artists’ creativity! A wonderful combination of flavours that will charm you.You are welcome and come to discover the art and the drink, any nights of the week.


法裔加拿大艺术家弗朗索瓦·伊萨利(Francoise Issaly)在酒吧的墙壁上展出了她最近创作的一系列艺术品(绘画和素描)。鸡尾酒大师陈扬以艺术家Francoise的名字创造了一种独特的新鸡尾酒——“弗朗索瓦”; 此酒庆祝所有艺术家的创造力! 多种风味的完美结合,将使您神往。欢迎您来品鉴艺术和饮品无论何时。


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