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It took me a long time to realize that I might be hyperactive when it comes to creativity. I used to consider myself a slow productive artist, until a couple of years ago, after hearing comments from people and other artists around me I realized that I might, in fact, be hyper productive.

The vision we have of ourselves is not always (often not, actually) matching what others see.

I now am able to observe myself through that light, and see how my mind goes everywhere when it comes to ideas, creative ideas... Only a small part of them “become” because of lack of time amd because of choices but I still make a lot it seems. I write down my ideas and concepts in my studio journal, so I will not forget them. Ideas are the most volatile of things, they come as fast as they are forgotten. Writing them in my journal allows me to keep on going without fear of losing it. If it is worth creating, I will go back to it and explore it further.

Since I arrived in Xiamen, 25 days ago, I started working on my installation project. I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve but I had left it vague so that I could give myself room for new ideas, new concepts. Material and technique is a great part of the process; The paper is a big detail in thisparticular project and having to work with local papers led me to a new series of work I had not anticipated. The combination of 2 materials I never associated before opened doors I could not have known about unless I came here.

The part I did not expect was to have a new idea for a video and sound work. Even though this is something I worked on many years ago for my Migators project, and that I wanted to pursue, I did not know I will be working on an abstract video project here. I don’t know where it is going to lead me but I am working on it, collecting images and sounds... it might not be ready for the CEAC show, but might be for my October show.

All that to say that, as an artist, we don’t need to limit ourselves. Creativity can come in many different shapes and sounds, a great part of the process seems to be able to listen to our inner voice and trust it. All these ideas can be overwhelming at times and we can feel that they are might not be related, but they often are. We are the link.

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